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Tim Hortons launches “Tims Rewards”


Tim Hortons finally launches a loyalty program reward for loyal and new customers. The company branded it as “Tims Rewards“.

This is a smart move of the company and they showed they love their customers. Expect to have a long line in the store or drive-thru soon.

Three ways you can get a “Tims Rewards” number

  1. Visit your local store and get the actual or physical card from the teller. You can carry it anywhere you go and swipe it every time you purchase a dark roast double-double coffee.
  2. Download the Tims Rewards to your iPhone or Android digital wallet.
  3. Download the Tim Hortons App. It will allow you to track the status of your Tims Rewards. You can also order your favorite dark roast double-double coffee.

What do you think about the new loyalty program reward of Tim Hortons?